Meals And Nutrition

Breakfast is served between 7.30am and 8.30am. We provide a healthy range of low sugar and low salt cereals with milk. Sometimes we will also serve crumpets and toast. Breakfast is included in the fees

Lunches and Teas
Our lunches and teas are provided by a nursery catering company named Hungry Monsters Nursery Catering. It is Hampshires most respected nursery catering company and from experience, the children seem to really enjoy their meals. The menus are guided by recommendations from The Carolyn Walker Trust and Children’s Food Trust. In particular the attention to special diets and allergies for both Hungry Monsters meals and Cherubz snacks are second to none, we do our absolute best to cater for all requirements.

Cherubz has their meals delivered freshly everyday by the Hungry Monster Delivery van in thermal boxes, to ensure serving temperature is maintained at a safe level. 

Cherubz provides healthy snacks daily in between meals. These snacks include food such as vegetables, dips, fruit, toast, wraps etc. Snacks are served at 10am and again at 2pm.

Cherubz Day Care - Meal time Cherubz Day Care - Meal time Cherubz Day Care - Meal time Cherubz Day Care - Meal time

Cherubz Day Care

Paulsgrove Community Centre
Marsden Road,

Telephone : 02392388878
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