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In our nursery we have incorporated play and activity areas that promote all the characteristics of effective learning listed within the government guidance. The Government Guidelines for Early Years Education is titled the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages) we also try to accommodate all areas of learning from this document into each area of play within Cherubz. Entering our main room you are able to see our role play area which includes a kitchen, a dressing up area and a kiosk. It has been created according to the children’s needs for free imaginative and role play activities. According to EYFS through child led role play activities children develop their imagination and creative thinking, they learn from each other and they create friendships by playing together.

Also, within our room we have created areas for adult led activities, small group activities and one to one, where tables and chairs are thoughtfully placed to access resources. These areas have been created for arts and crafts, literacy and maths.  Within our setting we have also included a messy play area we believe that through messy play children have amazing opportunities to learn, explore and let their senses be free. Through messy play children are also able to gain an understanding of the world around them which is important for their physical and cognitive development.

The areas we have included in the main hall and garden, including the book corner, building area, climbing frame, mud kitchen, sand pit and water wall serve a role in children’s education, their social and emotional development, their physical and cognitive ability and most importantly they have been created according to the EYFS standards. The Prime areas and the specific areas of development are being cultivated when children are playing or doing activities in the main room of our nursery with adult led and child led activities. 


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